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An image of a TERASi E-band (71-86 GHz) waveguide antenna protoype during testing

In a recent interview with Sweden's leading technology media outlet NyTeknik, James Campion, CEO of TERASi, shared insights on how we aim to shape the future of wireless technology with pioneering approaches and products aimed at enhancing the efficiency and scalability of 5G and 6G networks. The key

TERASi Unleashes A New Era of Wireless Hardware with Three New Product Lines

TERASi's goal is to build hardware to enable our wireless future. Enabling is a matter of making something feasible through increased performance, cost-effectiveness or efficiency. Today we are delighted to announce the release of three new product lines which do all of this, and more.

TERASi Appoints New Board of Directors to Guide Future Development

Stockholm, Sweden - 6th March 2024 TERASi, a pioneering startup at the forefront of wireless hardware technology, is excited to announce the appointment of its new board of directors. The newly appointed board members are distinguished leaders known for their strategic vision and proven track record in telecom, ICT and

TeraSi joins ESA-BIC to strengthen space industry links, gets support from Innovatum Science Park

Space: the final frontier. A brutal, unforgiving environment. Where every gram counts and size truly matters. The ultimate proving ground for any new technology. Getting to space is no easy feat. That’s why the TeraSi team is delighted to announce they have been accepted to partake in the European

TeraSi presents new class of miniature components to enable next gen Earth Observation at scale

Earth observation and remote sensing rely on our ability to detect the interaction of matter with radiation of various frequencies. Terahertz frequencies (100 GHz - 10 THz) are extremely promising for use in next generation earth observation due to their unique interaction with the atmosphere, which can provide new data

TeraSi raises 13 MSEK to build the next generation of wireless components and packaging.

TeraSi raises 13 MSEK to drive the development of their proprietary system-in-package technology. The funding comes from Navigare Ventures, Almi Invest, Onsight Ventures and Deeptech Labs as well as follow-on investments from all existing investors.

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