Stockholm, Sweden, 15 August 2023

The next generation of wireless will push us to higher frequencies than ever before, bringing massive data rates, unprecedented spatial resolution and a host of new applications to life. For the first time we will exploit frequencies as high as 200 GHz - almost ten times higher than mm-wave systems - at scale. As with all generational shifts, this change is only possible with new technologies that surpass the limitations of today. Decades of academic research has given us chips which can operate at such high frequencies. But we’re still lacking a way to package these chips and build complete systems around them in an efficient, scalable manner.

The TeraSi team is delighted to announce they have raised 13 MSEK in a pre-seed round to drive the development of their proprietary system-in-package technology and address this challenge head on. TeraSi’s technology offers best-in-class size, weight and performance for applications above 60 GHz by combining innovative design, precision manufacturing and process automation. The funding comes from leading venture capital firms Navigare Ventures, Almi Invest, Onsight Ventures and Deeptech Labs as well as follow-on investments from all existing investors.

“TeraSi has demonstrated an exceptional ability to engineer new RF-solutions that we think will be key to the deployment of next generation wireless technologies like 6G. We look forward to supporting the team as they continue the long tradition of RF-technology development in Sweden.”

- Alex Basu, Investment Manager, Navigare Ventures

"TeraSi has a great team and a truly unique technology platform that is on a path to becoming a key enabling technology for the coming 6G communication network. In TeraSi, we see both a very large business potential and the potential to create new and improved services that provide societal impact, so we are very excited about this investment and we look forward to supporting TeraSi on their journey towards realizing that potential."

- Gustav Notander, Investment Manager, Almi Invest

“Since participating in Deeptech Labs’ Spring ‘23 cohort, TeraSi has gone from strength to strength and this marks another key milestone in its journey. We are thrilled to support this latest funding round and look forward to working with the TeraSi team as they continue to scale their technology. Further enhancing their mission in solving high frequency packaging issues and enabling a new frontier of exciting applications.”

- Miles Kirby, CEO, Deeptech Labs

TeraSi’s goal is now to implement the first system-in-package modules based on their technology and bring them to market alongside their unique passive components. In the longer term, the company plans to open up their technology to realise its full potential.

TeraSi’s first step is to expand their engineering team to meet customer demand. The funding will also allow the team to invest in new manufacturing infrastructure and pursue an aggressive IP strategy. Commercial launch of new products for the test and measurement, radar and wireless markets will follow.

“Before we can realise society’s visions of the next generation of wireless we need to build hardware to support it. We believe our technology offers the best combination of performance, compactness and volume scalability and solves the packaging and integration bottleneck above 60 GHz. We’re excited to start scaling our technology and show its true potential over the coming years.”

- James Campion, CEO, TeraSi

About TeraSi

TeraSi is a deeptech startup based in Stockholm, Sweden which offers unique components and packaging for high-frequency wireless applications. Founded in 2020, TeraSi’s technology builds upon academic research at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and years of internal R&D. The company designs and manufactures all components from its Stockholm headquarters and now embarks upon a mission to scale their technology and bring it to mass markets.


James Campion, CEO, [email protected]

About Navigare Ventures

Navigare Ventures is a multi-stage investor specialized in science-driven companies. Through our investments, we strengthen the industrial and societal impact of research, as well as the long-term financial capacity of our owners, the Wallenberg Foundations.

About Almi Invest

Almi Invest is Sweden’s most active startup investor. Almi Invest makes investments across all of Sweden via it’s 8 regional VC funds and a national level Greentech VC fund. Almi Invest manages c.a. 3.5 BSEK in assets and has invested in c.a. 660 startups to date, with notable acquisitions by Microsoft, Qlik and Apple, as well as multiple successful IPOs. Almi Invest is a venture capital fund within the Almi concern and is partially financed by the EU.

About Onsight Ventures

Onsight Ventures is a new pan-European VC fund investing in excellent deep tech startups. Backed by Hermann Hauser, Austrian-British venture capitalist and founder of ARM, Onsight Ventures builds on a network of leading startups, universities, and experts to support outstanding start-up teams in realizing their technology-based business ideas. The fund invests in university spin-offs in Europe in the fields of Semiconductors, Photonics, Additive Manufacturing, Digital Health or Synthetic Biology. As wireless communication and IoT technologies play an increasingly important role in our interconnected world, Onsight Ventures is looking for start-ups like TeraSi that have the potential to set new industry standards.

About Deeptech Labs

Deeptech Labs is an accelerator, VC fund, and the catalyst for deeptech success. Twice a year, its cohort of start-ups are embedded in a powerful network of successful entrepreneurs, expert practitioners, leading researchers, and deeptech organisations worldwide. Deeptech Labs is founded by ARM, Cambridge Innovation Capital, Martlet Capital, Ewan Kirk and the University of Cambridge - forefront institutions and individuals at the heart of the Cambridge and global technology ecosystems.

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