Earth observation and remote sensing rely on our ability to detect the interaction of matter with radiation of various frequencies. Terahertz frequencies (100 GHz - 10 THz) are extremely promising for use in next generation earth observation due to their unique interaction with the atmosphere, which can provide new data for downstream use in the weather, agricultural and defence industries. Terahertz payloads are already part of numerous remote sensing instruments which provide key data to governmental bodies. However, commercial deployment of terahertz payloads at scale is not possible due to the lack of affordable, compact hardware which can withstand the rigors of space.

To address this, the TeraSi team will present their work on highly-compact components for use in terahertz earth observation at this years SPIE Sensors and Imaging conference in a paper entitled Miniaturised waveguide filters for large-scale terahertz Earth Observation. This work reports on a new-class of miniaturised waveguide filter implemented in TeraSi’s proprietary technology, which seeks to enable the large-scale deployment of terahertz earth observation instrumentation. These developments are the culmination of numerous developments in process development, product design and manufacturing by the TeraSi team.

Our aim is to bring terahertz technology to the NewSpace market to enable its use at scale and maximise its impact. Terahertz frequencies will form part of the future 6G communications standard. Why does size matter? The roll-out of 6G will provide a pathway to connect thousands of satellites with terahertz instruments together, but only if we have payloads that truly scale.

TeraSi’s talk will be held on the 5th of September from 14:20-14:40 in room E105-E106 as part of this year’s SPIE Sensors and Imaging conference. The conference brings together international experts from the remote sensing, space and defence industries to discuss the latest cutting-edge technology developments.

For further information, contact
James Campion, CEO, TeraSi
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