Stockholm, Sweden - 13th March 2024

TERASi's goal is to build hardware to enable our wireless future. For us, enabling is about turning potential into reality, by enhancing performance, cost-effectiveness or efficiency. Today we are excited to unveil three new product lines which do all of this, and more.

The products are divided into three distinct categories - antennas, filters and standards - each tailored to bring maximum performance and efficiency to challenging wireless applications above 60 GHz. They bring the exceptional performance of traditional metallic waveguides to 5G/6G applications in a sleek, compact form factor - up to 10 times smaller than conventional devices.

This is not just an advancement; it's the beginning of a new era in hardware for next-generation wireless systems. We're moving beyond traditional approaches, embracing advanced system-in-package (SiP) solutions, and pioneering novel transmission line, manufacturing, and packaging techniques. All in the aim of crafting foundational hardware for the future of wireless.


Our new range of waveguide antennas targets wireless link and radar applications in the E-band (71-86 GHz) and offer unparalleled efficiency in compact, low-profile packages. With gain levels from 20-32 dBi, efficiency over 93% and weighing in at less than 20 g, our antenna product line brings a new level of performance to life.

TERASi E-band waveguide antenna


A range of E-band waveguide filters engineered for channel/band selection with an exceptional out-of-band rejection reaching 40 dB and footprints as small as 1 cm2. These low loss, high rejection filters are crucial for ensuring pristine signal clarity and reducing interference, thereby optimizing the performance and reliability of advanced telecom and radar systems.

TERASi E-band waveguide filter


Our standards set a new benchmark of reliability and accuracy in waveguide technology. With dimensional accuracies of better than 1 micron and smooth, even sidewalls, our devices provide the highest level of accuracy and performance for test and measurement applications above 100 GHz. They are the foundation upon which future technologies will be built and measured.

TERASi waveguide calibration standard

Each product is designed to be compatible with industry standard waveguide flanges, supporting direct integration with existing waveguide systems. In addition, we offer specialised versions of certain components for integration with various RF substrates, bringing a new level of performance and flexibility to RF front-end design. These products are available for order immediately, with deliveries scheduled to start in Q2 2024.

Future Roadmap

This new range of products is made possible by TERASi's proprietary technology, which combines unique component design with scalable manufacturing techniques to deliver industry leading size, weight and performance (SWaP). These product lines represent our initial waveguide component offerings, with more component classes and variants to follow later this year.
TERASi's future development will focus on using our technology to build complete wireless modules using system-in-package solutions, with commercial launch targeted in early 2025.

About TERASi

TERASi creates innovative hardware solutions for the wireless industry, developing cutting-edge technology that enhances connectivity. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, TERASi is committed to delivering high-quality, innovative and sustainable solutions that empower the next generation of wireless at scale.


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